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College Students' Union


The College has a College Students' Union, the objective of which shall be:

The College also has sectional associations in each department.

The term of the Union is generally one year from the date on which the Union assumes office or till the date of the elections of the Union in the subsequent year.

The Union has a Union Council comprising the following office bearers:

The offices of the Vice-Chairman and Joint Secretary shall be reserved for lady students.

The offices Chairman through General Captain shall be filled by election by all the students of the college and the offices of representatives by election by the students of the particular association or class as the case may be.

There shall be an executive committee for the Union as approved by the University of Calicut

The elections to the College Union shall be held in the college with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor. It shall be held by secret ballot as per the Calicut University election rules in force.

Current Members of Students' Union


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